Single-Layered CTcP Plates

CTcP refers to Computer-to-Conventional-Plate. GE CTcP plate is uniquely designed for UV sensitive emulsion coating for UV-CTP platesetters.

A great transformation from the tradition PS plate, CTcP is more cost-effective without films and rinsing materials required. It allows the printers to fully perform the advantages of conventional PS plate without worrying to lose the image quality during platemaking. In addition, CTcP saves the time for hand-imposition.

Many users who use CTcP have experience working with films.

Without films needed, the printing quality of printed materials has improved significantly, because the image and the network from the traditional pre-press process in the impact of quality attenuation.

By avoiding the factors (dusts, scratches on films) that might affect the quality of image, the accuracy of images greatly improved with CTcP technology.

CTcP plates also have lower operation costs compared to CTP.


-        Consistent quality

-        Less energy consumption with better productivity

-        Superb ink-water balance


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